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underground pipe repair without digging

When you realize that your pipe has burst, or is in need of other critical repairs, it might be natural for you to think that it’s going to take expensive diggers and a large amount of labor to locate the problem, excavate to the damaged area of the pipe, and replace it. However, this doesn’t have to be the case, because Advantage Reline specializes in several forms of underground pipe repair without digging. We’re committed to making repairs quicker, easier, and as painless as possible for you. 

There are several ways to repair underground PVC pipe without digging, and two that we’ve mastered are Sprayed-In-Place Pipe Repair (Also known as SIPP), and Cured-In-Place Pipe Repair (CIPP). These forms of underground pipe repair are known as “trenchless pipe repair” because they don’t require a team to excavate. 


For Sprayed-In-Place Pipe Repair, the goal is to reinforce sensitive pipes without adding additional stress to the system and ensuring that they don’t take on additional damage from external elements. In order to reinforce them, we first thread a camera through the area of repair to inspect it and look first-hand at the damage involved. Once we’re clear to proceed, we

spray our patented pipe coating across the entire interior of the pipe system and quickly seal hundreds of feet of pipe within minutes. The lining then cures itself within one hour. This method is an easy form of preventative maintenance as well as a way to support underground PVC pipes without digging or replacing them.


For our Cured-In-Place Pipe Repair (CIPP) service, the goal is to provide precise care for damaged pipes. The process begins by drilling a small hole into the ground to thread a camera into the damaged pipe system, just like with a SIPP service. After that, we survey the damage and determine the severity of the damage, and how to best reinforce the pipe. As part of a CIPP service, we line the interior of the pipe with a polymer-impregnated felt tube and cure it into place to reinforce the structure of the pipe. However, depending on the state of the pipe, we may cure it through either hot water or steam. If the pipe requires even more care, we may cure this new lining by using a UV light generator. We want to ensure that the curing method doesn’t weaken the integrity of the interior pipe system. The pipe doesn’t take more than a few hours to cure, which ensures that you can reenter your home or place of business fairly quickly.  

Why Should I Repair My Pipes?

Whichever form of underground pipe repair without digging you select, we ensure that both of our SIPP and CIPP repairs are covered with our lifetime warranty of 50 years. When a pipe breaks or leaks, it causes a lot of undue stress and can damage the foundation of your home, business, or environment. Advantage Reline is committed to making sure that you can live worry-free and enjoy your free time not worrying about your pipes.


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