Sprayed-In-Place Pipe (SIPP)

SIPP repairs underground pipe without the need to dig and replace damaged pipes.

Sprayed-in-Place Pipe (SIPP) is a patent pending pipe relining technology developed and exclusively used by Advantage Reline in the repair of leaking and corroded pipes.

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Similar to other trenchless pipe relining methods, SIPP repairs underground pipe without the need to dig and replace the damaged pipe. The result is a substantial reduction in downtime and costs, while preserving properties and landscapes. SIPP offers the same trenchless pipe repair benefits of epoxy and cured-in-place pipe, without the associated risks including health & safety concerns and installation complications.


Sprayed-in-Place (SIPP) trenchless pipe repair consists of two primary steps. First, the damaged pipe is inspected using a specialized video camera. Then the pipe is cleaned and the surface prepared to receive the certified (Safe for drinking water) pipe coating. Secondly, a special spray tool is inserted into the pipe and a durable coating is applied to the inside surface. The Pipe Coater process allows for hundreds of feet of old pipe to be rehabilitated in one continuous run, thus eliminating every crack, break and seam where leaks and root infestations occur. 

Compared to our other services, Cured-In-Place (CIPP) and Primus Line, have similar methods to SIPP in that they are trenchless and non-destructive. All of these methods involve their own pros and cons. Spayed-in-Place (SIPP) pros include affordability, improves water quality, extends the lifespan of the pipe, reduces maintenance costs, and is warrantied.


  • 100% Polyurea, No VOC’s
  • Sets up in 15 seconds
  • Fully cured in one hour
  • 40 mils in a single pass
  • Applicable to all pipe types, 100% Leak


In most cases, SIPP rehabilitation can be completed in just one day, saving home and business owners valuable time and money.


Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles were faced with a difficult decision when they had recognized one of their underground piping systems had become substantially affected by corrosion. Our team was able to diagnose the damage and resolve the problem by utilizing our Sprayed-in-Place method, to read more on how we did so, please visit our Case Studies page.

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