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Quality spray coating services in Arizona and beyond

At Advantage Reline, we take pride in providing you with eco-friendly spray coating alternatives. We are dedicated to protecting your equipment and the environment that surrounds it. 

Our technicians are equipped with cutting-edge technology to ensure precise coverage area and coating thickness. This helps reduce the high-cost spray coating steps and maintain unprecedented quality control. We have spent over twenty years in the field, giving us the knowledge and technology to ensure that the job is done correctly.

What is spray coating and how does it work?

Spray coating works by spraying melted or semi-melted material (metallic or non-metallic) onto a substrate to form a hard coating. This coating protects against corrosion and oxidation wear caused by operating and environmental conditions. Spray coating is a good choice for refinishing and equipment protection because of the strong, dense, and durable coating it provides.

Benefits of spray coating

Availability of Various Coating Materials

The spray coating process uses different materials to provide a high-quality coating. Alloy, metals, plastic, polymer, and ceramic can all be used for spray coating. Depending on the properties, you can choose a specific material for your substrate and the job at hand.

Flexible Coverage

Spray coating adapts to different shapes making it ideal for coating equipment with complex geometric-shaped designs. This coating can reach all the crannies and nooks, providing complete coverage. It’s especially useful when coating large surface areas.


Spray coating can be used on substrates with lower-level coverage. This means it can be used with inexpensive materials and still provide effective results. The equipment needed for spray coating is also cost-effective compared to other coating methods. Spray coating also provides an opportunity to utilize new and improved coating techniques. This flexibility makes the final product less expensive and more efficient.

Increases the Substrate's Lifespan

An efficient and strong spray coating can significantly extend the life of the substrate. It acts as a barrier against decomposition, erosion, and other types of surface damage. Spray coating also allows for the application of thicker coatings at much faster deposition rates to protect against wear and tear.

Why choose our spray coating services?

Upfront, Fair Pricing

At Advantage Reline, we provide you with flexible financing options and money-saving specials. We ensure you always get value for your money with world-class service.

Unmatched Services

We work with you to ensure you get the spray coating you deserve. We listen to your needs and output goals to create a spray coating solution that is tailored to you.


We have years of combined industry experience in spray coating and other pipe restoration techniques. We have worked with different clients and equipment through the years and can guarantee a high-quality spray coating that’ll protect your assets for years to come.

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