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SEWER pipes. STORM DRAIN pipes. GAS pipes. POTABLE WATER pipes.

We are the creators of The Advantage Reline System™, a patent-pending Sprayed-in-Place (SIPP) trenchless pipe repair technology that can be applied in sewer, storm, gas and even potable water pipe repair applications for pipes between 2″ and 120″. With over 20 years of trenchless pipe repair experience, we have the compatibility of combining traditional trenchless pipe repair methods such as Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP) and Pipe Bursting, along side our cutting-edge Sprayed-in-Place technology. Whatever the project ARS has a solution and will use all the tools in our tool bag to professionally produce the best solution.

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The Advantage Reline System™

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Sprayed-in-Place Pipe (SIPP) Repair Technology:

Sprayed-in-Place Pipe (SIPP) is a patent pending pipe relining technology developed and exclusively used by Advantage Reline in the repair of leaking and corroded underground pipes. Similar to other trenchless pipe relining methods, SIPP repairs underground pipe without the need to excavate and physically remove and replace the damaged pipe. The result is a substantial reduction in downtime and costs, while preserving properties, landscapes, and infrastructure. SIPP offers the same trenchless pipe repair benefits of epoxy and cured-in-place pipe, without the the associated risks including health & safety concerns and installation complications.

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Case Study:
Sparkletts® Water Plant

Sparkletts® Drinking Water’s plant in Phoenix, Arizona presented us with a unique problem – several 6 inch potable water pipes had welded seams with pin hole leaks, causing a partial shutdown of their operations.

The plant provides drinking water to thousands of customers throughout the South Western States. A disruption in supply would mean a huge hit to Sparklett’s bottom line, and many unhappy customers.

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