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Natural Gas Line Repair

If you start smelling rotten eggs and feeling dizzy, those are some of the first signs that your home or place of business is suffering from a natural gas leak. Incidents involving gas leaks result in an average of 17 deaths a year in the United States. Because of the innocuous nature of the leak, very few signs may appear that your home is unsafe and that you and your family are in danger. When a gas leak occurs, it’s critical for your health and safety to leave the premises and call someone specializing in natural gas line repair. Natural gas line repairs need to be taken care of quickly because leaks can harm you, the people closest to you, and can sneak up on you without you realizing that the gas is leaking in your home.

Stay Safe

Advantage Reline’s goal is to effectuate quick, quality repair and keep people safe. For that reason, we use our specialized equipment to ensure that the line is properly turned off and that it’s safe to begin residential gas line repair. Since natural gas powers most people’s homes, it’s essential to locate where we need to turn off the gas and perform the repair as quickly as possible to ensure that you can go back into living in your home as soon as possible. When your home feels safe, then we feel it truly feels like a home. 

In our experience, we find that it is much more likely for gas leaks to occur at pipe joints–where pipes join together at the fittings. That makes items such as old shut-off valves, tees, unions, flexible supply lines, regulators, and risers likely culprits for the leak. If these connections are not tight enough, get disturbed, or damaged from normal wear and tear, leaks are likely to occur. 

Warning Signs

Many warning signs can alert you to a natural gas leak. For example, as natural gas is distributed to your home, it’s mixed with a very strong-smelling sulfur compound that smells similar to rotten eggs. If you have a gas leak, you’re probably going to smell it pretty quickly. If you smell a strong sulfur odor near any gas pipes or gas appliances, that is strong evidence of a gas leak near there. Other signs to be aware of include see a white cloud, blowing dust, or bubbles in standing water. When you see this, that means that the gas pressure is leaking out and already interacting with your environment. As gas continues to fill your home, you may even see plants that are dying or dead for no apparent reason.

What To Do

Advantage Reline specializes in trenchless pipe repair, so we’re able to make effective repairs to your natural gas line quickly. In order to keep your home safe, we encourage you to reach out to trained professionals like us who can ensure that your natural gas line repair is handled correctly. When you trust our experienced workforce, you can rest knowing that your home is appropriately protected for you and your family. To learn more about Advantage Reline’s commitment to keeping you, your home, and your community safe, come see what we’ve done in the past and read about our full range of services.


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