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Did you know that commercial pipes have a lifespan?

When the pipes in your commercial building near the end of their life, you’ll experience more failures. These problems can lead to increased maintenance costs. You’ll eventually have to decide between repairing and replacing your pipes.

Fortunately, pipe repair doesn’t have to break the bank. Repairing your existing pipes can offer a permanent solution without major inconvenience. Keep reading to learn more about pipe repair options and how to decide between repairing and replacing. 

What is Pipe Relining?

Pipelining is a method of repairing and protecting your pipes from the inside out.

The type of lining that is best for your pipes depends on the type of substance they carry. For example, if your pipes carry corrosive substances, they may be lined with PVC. Pipes that carry water may be lined with cement. 

Pipelining is a long-term solution that doesn’t cause damage. Pipelining is an excellent choice for pipe leak repair and cracked pipe repair. 

What is Pipe Coating?

Pipe coating is a different kind of pipe repair technology with a different installation process. Unlike pipelining, coating can be applied both inside and outside of a pipe.

This technology can repair damage from corrosion both inside and outside of the pipe. Internal corrosion is caused by factors like the flow rate, oxygen content, temperature, and presure of the substance carried by the pipe.

Pipe coating can repair this and prevent further damage. 

Repairing vs Replacing

Pipe repair can be a more affordable and efficient option for commercial building pipes. For example, pipe coating is non-destructive and much less disruptive than a total pipe replacement. Repairing is often more cost-effective and time-efficient.

Repairs can be done quickly and provide a long-term solution. Pipe coating creates less mess than replacement and therefore less debris. You can save time on cleanup and money on disposal fees.

Repair is a more affordable option because of the amount of demolition that is required to completely replace pipes. So, you’ll also save time and money on restoration of walls, ceilings, and concrete.

Pipe repair methods like pipe coating require less long-term maintenance. Pipe coating is resistant to corrosion and clogging.

Relined pipes are often smoother than entirely new ones.

The bottom line is that as your pipes age, replacement isn’t always necessary. Repairing your commercial building pipes can extend their lifespan and cut down on maintenance costs. 

Do You Need Commercial Building Pipe Repair Services?

Are your pipes aging or damaged? If your commercial building pipes are in need of repair, we’re here for you.

We offer a variety of pipe repair services that can save you money and avoid the hassle of a total replacement. Our various pipe repair options can be customized to create the perfect solution for your pipe repair needs.

Click here to contact us today to learn more about our pipe repair services. 


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