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If you’ve noticed problems with the pressure, taste, or smell of the water in your home, your pipes may be succumbing to age and decay. On average, more than 300 gallons flow through them every day, and they pick up every problem caused by deteriorating pipes along the way.

It used to be your only option to replace all the pipes, but today, relining pipes has proven to be a better option all the way around.

Let’s take a look at the advantages offered by Primus Line pipe liner in particular when it’s time to do repairs to your water line.

Save Time and the Planet

Before Primus Line came along, your only option for making a pipe repair was digging out the entire length of the pipe, creating a big trench, and ruining your lawn.

With trenchless technology, your repair can target the exact spot of the damage and cut costs due to less labor being involved. The process takes less time, so your water system is out of commission for a shorter period. Even big sewer repairs can be done in just a few days as opposed to weeks.

Trenchless tech also uses the existing infrastructure, making it more environmentally friendly and sustainable. The epoxy lining creates little to no waste that needs to be dumped or recycled.

Strength and Flexibility

Primus Line uses a three-layer liner that can handle the pressure. The liner can bend up to 30 degrees to go where your current water line is already laid and comes in super long lengths to cover your entire system in one go.

The liner has polyethylene layers inside and out with a seamless woven Kevlar fabric sandwiched in between for extra strength. The outer PE layer is designed to be abrasion-resistant to protect the inner layers.

The liner’s meant for medium and high-pressure lines and can handle up to 900 psi once in place. This makes it ideal for water lines delivering under pressure to pipes in your house.


Decaying water infrastructure is a common source of contaminants in drinking water, but a Primus Line liner is designed to last for 50 years. The PE material is durable and won’t corrode so you can count on it lasting for the long haul.

The liner can also increase flow capacity, a good feature if you need to scale up a building or have a growing family. 

Is Relining Pipes the Answer for You?

Gurgling noises, odd odors, and deteriorating water quality are sure signs your pipes are deteriorating. Rather than spend the time and money digging up the pipe — and destroying your lawn — consider relining pipes instead of replacing them. Primum Lines offer a long-lasting and ultra-strong solution to pipe repairs that won’t break the bank.

Have questions about pipe relining? Contact us to learn more about the process and our pipe repair services.


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