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No Dig Pipe Repair and How It Works

How would you feel if you saw a bulldozer parked on your lawn? A bulldozer on the lawn would be just another stressor on top of another major situation—broken pipes. When a pipe breaks, you must deal with leaking water or sewage, which can cause damage to public streets and places of business. That’s why when you want to deal with repairing pipes, you want to make sure that the initial repair doesn’t cause additional damage to the surrounding area. That’s why Advantage Reline specializes in no-dig pipe repair—so that we can make sure that your pipe repair goes as smoothly as possible and doesn’t cause any more stress than it should. 

Since Advantage Reline won’t drive over to your place of business and park a bulldozer on your lawn, you might ask, “How will they get to my pipes, then?” The answer is very simple, but it relies on decades of experience with specialized tools: we bore a small hole in the ground and thread a camera into the pipe to find the damage. This is already advantageous in a major way in that we’re able to quickly locate and identify the damaged area without having to dig through dozens of feet in your yard to find it. After locating the damaged area, we’re able to properly assess the damage and apply the proper treatment to repair it. This could come in a pair of different repair options based on the severity of the damage and other external factors. Generally, we prescribe either our Sprayed-In-Place Pipe Repair option or our Cured-In-Place Pipe Repair option. Both of these no-dig pipe repair options are able to thread the required tools through the initial hole we bored through the camera. From there, we apply patented substances or pipelining so that we can repair the damaged area quickly. Generally, these repair options are able to cover hundreds of feet in just a few seconds—which will enable your repair to be finished quickly.

This is particularly valuable for sewer pipe repair. Let’s be real here—sewers smell awful. You don’t want the smell of sewage backed up into public streets, and we don’t want to spread sewage around either. What would be worse than parking a bulldozer in your yard? Only a bulldozer spreading sewage on your yard! That’s why we use our tools and processes to achieve no-dig sewer pipe repair, where sewer fumes and latent sewage stay trapped within. This is advantageous because we’re able to carry out a clean repair—both figuratively and literally—by making sure that all the labor required to cure and repair a sewer pipe stays below ground.

We focus so much on no-dig pipe repair because we know that it’s a service that brings peace of mind to our customers. It’s a way to reduce refuse, to speed up repair by quickly identifying the point of repair, and to make sure repairs last. We’re so confident in our methods, that we guarantee the durability of the repair with a 50-year lifetime warranty. We know that we’re only as good as the quality of our service, so we go the extra mile to ensure that you receive the best service available and that our work speaks for itself. Your home or place of business may be eligible for no-dig pipe repair. The best way to find out is to contact us, and we’ll send a representative over to assess the damage and which of our services are the best fit for your needs. Get started today so that you can protect your pipes with services and treatments that are guaranteed to last a lifetime.


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