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SIPP Technologies - What They Are and How They Work

Out of all of Advantage Reline’s offerings, Sprayed-In-Place Pipe Repair is one of its most unique ones. Pipes are a critical structure in all homes, businesses, and cities, so many people count on 100% effectiveness for their pipes. If something goes wrong, it can cost time, money, and emotional stability as you try to figure out how to resolve it in a moment of crisis. Sprayed-In-Place Pipe Technologies (SIPP Technologies) is a way to make sure that pipe relining efforts are performed efficiently, quickly, and that they’ll last for a lifetime. 

One major advantage of SIPP Technology is that it’s non-intrusive. Instead of digging large, unsightly trenches to force our way to the damaged pipe, we bore a small hole to thread a camera and SIPP relining tools through and begin our work from there. That way, you don’t have to worry about your lawn sustaining damage from heavy equipment like excavators, bulldozers, and cranes to locate and isolate damaged sections of pipe.  

Sprayed-In-Place Pipe Technology is important to us because we know how important it is to you that your home or place of business reopens quickly. It can be stressful dealing with leaking water or sewage and can be equally as stressful to have to shut them off for potential repairs. That is why our experienced team works to make sure that repairs are performed as quickly as possible–we want you to enjoy life as peacefully as possible. 

SIPP Technologies are generally used to make sure that your pipes last for years to come. With each service provided by Advantage Reline, we guarantee that your pipes will be supported from damage and corrosion for the next 50 years. SIPP Technologies make long-lasting repairs possible because when your damaged pipe is cleaned and prepared for coating, our unique spray is the perfect applicator to seal the pipe where it’s at. We use a special spray tool to spray our durable lining and coat it with full 360-degree coverage. From that point, we can spray several hundreds of feet of pipe to cure it, and cover every break, crack, root infestation, or problem within that section. When you hire Advantage Reline, you can rest easy knowing our SIPP technologies will ensure your safety in your home, office, or city for years to come.

If you feel like SIPP technologies are a fit for your pipe relining needs, contact us today to learn more!


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