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What if there was a simple way you could prevent much of the potential damage to your pipes?

Trenchless pipe lining is a great way to protect your pipes from all manner of damage. Unfortunately, the average homeowner doesn’t know exactly which problems such lining can help them prevent.

Interested in protecting your own pipes better than ever before? Keep reading to discover the common issues that trenchless pipe lining can help you address.

Weakened Areas Near Connections

Pipe issues often take homeowners by surprise. That is because the pipes may appear very sturdy when you first buy your home. But over the years, different issues regarding those pipes may arise.

For example, the ground will shift over time. And such shifting, combined with constant pipe use, can loosen and weaken the different joints and pipe connections. 

When this happens, you get unwanted leaks and other issues related to the leaks (such as foul odors). Fortunately, trenchless pipe lining can help with repairs and will ultimately make the pipe stronger against potential future issues. As an added benefit, this kind of lining is very affordable and very easy to install.

Wear and Tear From Age

When you imagine pipe problems, you might imagine sudden and unexpected damage. However, the majority of pipe issues come from simple wear and tear over time.

This is particularly important if you have older pipes made of materials such as clay or cast iron. Over time, age can lead to corrosion. And corrosion, combined with constant use, leads to unwanted leaks.

As you might imagine, this is another scenario where pipe lining can really save the day. Such lining can make the interior of your pipes much more durable than they were before. And it also extends the lifespan of the pipes, which means you may be able to put off expensive pipe repair or replacement for a few more years.

Root Damage

The biggest enemy to your pipes is not necessarily age or corrosion. In fact, the biggest enemy is one that you can’t see until it’s too late: tree roots!

Tree roots are very thirsty and will extend out in the search for sources of water. In time, this will lead the roots directly to (and then directly through) your pipes.

When this happens, many homeowners think they have no choice but to replace the pipes entirely. However, if the existing pipe is still stable, then you may be able to simply add some trenchless pipe lining and continue using the pipe like normal.

Eventually, you’ll probably need to replace those pipes. But as we said before, good lining can save you money by extending the lifespan of old and damaged pipes.

Get the Pipe Lining You Need Today

Now you know the many different issues that trenchless pipe lining can help with. But do you know who can help you install it?

At Advantage Reline, we specialize in pipe repair, cleaning, and much more. To discover what we can do for you and your home, simply contact us today!


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