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Which Trenchless Pipe Repair Solution is Best for Me?

Nobody likes large, ugly trenches. They’re hard to dig, they destroy property, and you have to make sure that filling it back in doesn’t cause damage to the pipe you’ve just repaired. This is why Advantage Reline specializes in trenchless pipe repair—to solve pipe problems without causing new ones. However, different pipes need different types of repair. Through our specialization in trenchless pipe repair solutions, we remove much of the hassle and pain associated with pipe maintenance. Because we offer a variety of effective services, different trenchless pipe repair solutions may work best for you.

Option 1: Sprayed-In-Place Pipe

Our first method of trenchless pipe repair is enough for small fractures and aged pipes. Through our Sprayed-In-Place Pipe Repair (Or SIPP for short), we reinforce sensitive pipes without causing them structural damage or undue stress. We spray our patented pipe coating across the entire interior of the pipe system and quickly seal hundreds of feet of pipe. The lining then cures itself within one hour. This method is an easy form of preventative maintenance as well as a way to support pipes that may be too sensitive to replace.

Option 2: Cured-In-Place Pipe

Our Cured-In-Place Pipe Repair (CIPP) is another trenchless pipe repair option that prescribes precise care on damaged pipes. A small, initial hole may need to be dug to access the damaged pipe. After that, we survey the damage and determine which types of curing treatments are available. We first line the pipe with a polymer-impregnated felt tube and cure it into place to reinforce the structure of the pipe. Depending on the state of the pipe, we may cure it through either hot water or steam. For more sensitive repairs, we may use one of our UV light generators. The perfect CIPP repair can last for over 50 years and is covered with a 100% warranty.

Leave It To the Professionals

We’re proud of our trenchless pipe repair methods, and how they make repairs easy. Check out some examples of our work in action, or schedule a consultation with us today!


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