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What To Do When Your Grease Trap Is Clogged

One of the few things that can bring a busy restaurant to a full stop is when the grease trap overflows. A clogged grease trap smells bad, spills grease and fat, and is a major health hazard. There are a handful of ways that a clogged grease trap can be repaired by hand, but most times you’re going to need a team of professionals who can go in, unclog the grease trap, and make sure that it doesn’t happen again. At Advantage Reline, we use innovative processes to make sure that your clogged grease trap is handled properly. 

In a commercial kitchen, your grease trap may handle everything from olive oil, vegetable oil, canola oil, or animal resin such as bacon and sausage grease. This mixture of substances sits in your grease trap until it’s either removed or accidentally leaks out. It’s at this point you need to determine if it’s a simple clog that can be repaired by the staff on hand or something more dangerous that requires professional aid. A clogged grease trap requires more expertise to solve, there is no one better to take care of it than the experienced professionals at Advantage Reline.

What happens if my grease trap is cracked or broken? That requires more than a simple unclogging, but our team is prepared for that. Our team is equipped and ready to help today! Any maintenance or repair that is necessary is completed using our patented method which offers advanced pros and features to help make sure damage does not occur again. We can repair broken pipes or the interior of the trap itself to make sure that your grease trap will last for years to come. These processes can cure and repair a pipe from as small as two inches, and our non-stick resin lining makes sure that all incoming grease slides down to the trap and doesn’t stick to the walls of the pipes and prevent future clogs. Make sure that your grease traps are in their best shape by scheduling a free on-site consultation today!


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