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Can you believe that Arizona recently tied the record for the coldest afternoon in the history of the state?

In January, Arizona clocked in at 36 degrees Fahrenheit, which matched the temperature back in December of 1998. This type of temperature can end up posing a huge risk to the integrity of a house’s pipes. It’s all too easy for your pipes to freeze during the winter in the snap of your fingers.

Are you wondering what that could mean? Keep reading to learn about whether frozen pipes always burst and related information.

Does a Frozen Pipe Mean It’ll Burst?

The good news is that frozen pipes are not a death sentence. While there’s no guarantee that they’ll burst, there’s a high likelihood that the situation can end up causing extensive damage. A burst pipe not only means you’ll have to replace one or more pipe sections but it could also cause your house to flood.

The riskiest part is when the pipes thaw because this rush of new water can end up bursting the pipe like a balloon. This is why it’s important to do everything you can to avoid the issue in the first place. It’s much better to prevent a frozen pipe than to fix it afterward.

How Can I Prevent a Froze Pipe?

Instead of living with the worry of getting frozen pipes, you can invest in winterization and other pipe care strategies. One of the best methods involves adding insulation to the pipes that are more exposed than others. This includes the pipes that are connected to your water heater.

This goes a long way toward keeping the temperature of the pipes up so that the chances of them freezing are much lower. Another way you can prevent frozen pipes is by allowing at least of a trickle of water to continue flowing through them.

What Are the Options for Pipe Repairs?

The extent of home maintenance after a burst pipe depends on how much damage has occurred. You may need to replace a significant number of pipes in your home.

Since a rush of water can lead to mold growth, it’s also important to address this before it gets out of hand. Mold growth not only reduces the value of your home but can negatively affect your and your loved one’s health.

Are You Ready to Prevent Frozen Pipes?

Now that you’ve learned all about whether frozen pipes always burst or not, you can make sure you prevent it from happening. If the pipes do freeze because of an accident, then you can rest easy knowing that there are proven solutions to the issue.

We can provide you with high-quality pipe services, including sprayed-in-place-pipe, camera and pipe cleaning, cured-in-place, and more. Our customers appreciate our experience and qualifications.

If you’d like to get a pipe lining repair or another related service, feel free to contact us and schedule an appointment. We look forward to helping out.


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