Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles

The Problem

Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles (LACSD) presented us with a huge problem – an aging underground pipe system plagued with extensive corrosion and leaks. LACSD plays an important role in protecting the city of Los Angeles’ public health and its environment through innovative and cost-effective wastewater and solid waste management. Therefore, minimizing LACSD’s system downtime was a major concern.

Faced with this enormous problem, LACSD reached out to several large-scale pipe repair companies to assess the scope of the pipe damage and see if anyone could offer a complete cost-effective solution. We won the bid by offering an effective repair while minimizing downtime and project cost.

LACSD Damaged Sewer Pipe
  • Saved Approx. 1 Million Dollars*
  • Project Completed in Only 5 Days
  • Pipes Fully Cured in 30 Days
  • No Excavation Necessary

*Cost savings calculation based on comparison against traditional pipe repair methods.

Repaired Sewer Pipe

How We Solved it

We met with the team at LACSD to listen to their problem and address any concerns about the repairs. We then inspected the damage communicated the requirements of the project and associated costs and timeline.

Once project planning was complete, we began the necessary repairs. We employed our Sprayed-in-Place (SIPP) pipe repair technology. Upon completion of the repair, LACSD saved 1 million dollars over traditional pipe repair methods, and their system was down for only 5 days.