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7 Signs That You May Need Pipe Relining

When your plumbing stops working, it can severely impact your quality of life for the worse. In the leadup to pipe damage, there’s a period of time where the pipes might give off signs of damage before completely deteriorating. However, these 7 warning signs will let you know in advance that your pipes need to be relined. 

Sign 1: Low Quality of Water

If your water takes a sudden drop in quality, that’s a clear indication that you are in need of pipe relining. If you see specs of mud, or clumps of rust showing up in a glass of water, or if your water starts to taste funny, call us immediately for help. Foreign objects in your pipelines can result from pipes that are rusting and letting dirt or clumps of pipe into your drinking water–and can cause lasting health problems according to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention. 

Sign 2: Water Backup

The most common sign that you’re in need of pipe relining is if you notice more water backup throughout the house. Whether it’s the kitchen, the bathroom, or anywhere else you might have a water drain installed, backed up pipes may be an indication that they’re clogged, collapsed, or that other obstructions prevent the safe flow of water. Backups may be more of an indicator of a clogged pipe rather than pipe relining, however, if the pipe deteriorated to the point that it collapsed in on itself and clogged the system, then a pipe relining is necessary. 

Sign 3: Gurgling Noises From The Toilet

Some items around the house are built to make a noise. A door makes a sound when it shuts and a toilet makes a noise when it flushes. However, when a toilet makes noises outside of flushing, that’s an immediate cause for concern. When the toilet starts to gurgle, that means that some kind of pressure is forcing air back up the pipe system and releasing it into the toilet bowl. This backup often results in the pipes not being pressured correctly and is a clear sign that the pipes need to be relined.  

Sign 4: Sludge From The Shower/Bathtub

Soap scum, hair, and dirt all go down the drain in a shower or bathtub. However, they can be pushed back up if the bathroom pipes aren’t flowing through correctly. This sickening sludge oozes back into the floor of your bathtub or shower for the same reason your toilet may start to gurgle: irregular pipe pressure. Pipe relining will quickly help the pipe system to maintain its proper structural balance, and last longer. 

Sign 5: Rusting & Debris

Imagine that you’re preparing a delicious pasta dinner, so you start to fill a pot of hot water in order to bring it to a boil. Suddenly, you hear a loud “CLUNK” from the pot. You look inside and see a large shard of corroded metal defiantly sitting at the bottom. This shard is a sign of a larger problem: a deteriorating pipe. Whether it’s reducing the quality of your water or bringing clods of dirt and debris into your water, this rust and debris is a worrying sign that your pipes are in need of relining. 

Sign 6: Odd Odors

When your pipes are falling apart, all manner of matter may enter the pipe system. From tree roots to dirt clods, to pipe shards, and even bugs or rodents, these foreign objects enter the pipe system and may clog it up. As these items stay stagnant within the pipe system, they create an odor as they deteriorate. As we clean out the pipe system through pipe relining, this creates a fresher environment for you to live in.

Sign 7: Nearby Trees

From oaks to elms, tree roots are as invasive as they are strong. Networks of tree roots break into pipe systems, fracture them, and can cause them to begin oxidizing and rusting. In order to help your pipe infrastructure maintain itself in top condition, we may survey where your trees are in relation to your pipe system and how we can help address them.
As you go through the 7 signs your pipes need to be relined, we’re confident that we can provide the pipe relining solutions to the problems you have at hand. Each of these signs are important to address, and our thorough pipe relining procedures can quickly resolve them. Reach out today, and let us show you what our experienced team can do for you!


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