Advantage Reline is the leader in trenchless pipe repair. For over 20 years, we’ve innovated several proprietary techniques and materials to make pipe repair easy. Our experience in relining has allowed us to develop, test, and master the latest technology and solutions to fit your needs. Through our lineup of trenchless pipe repair services, Advantage Reline can offer everything you need for all your pipe restoration and repair projects. 

Unique services such as Sprayed-in-Place Pipe (SIPP) and Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) make trenchless pipe repair easy. Precision targeting through trenchless pipe repair gives it an edge over digging a trench and replacing sections of pipe. We can cure or seal pipes without ever putting a shovel in the ground. Through this, we complete the job faster and the results last longer. Our focus on trenchless pipe repair allows us to provide non-intrusive solutions for complicated problems. 

Our comprehensive solutions solve some of the biggest industry problems with pipe repair. It’s hard to locate cracked and leaky pipes, and it can be harder to repair them once you discover where they’re at. That’s why our pipe coating process delivers 100% leak-free results without needing to dig. Our patent coating is five times more effective than epoxy and resin coatings. due to our unique heat and chemical resistant coating. This coating also distributes pressure throughout the pipe to ease the effects of daily use. Through these processes, coating speed can be as fast as one foot per second, and cure as fast as 15 seconds. This lining allows pipes to cure so that you can use your water again as fast as possible.

Trenchless pipe repair works in any setting.  We’ve been able to service residential homes, government buildings, and industrial workplaces. The accessibility of trenchless pipe repair makes it possible to cure pipes in nontraditional settings such as grease traps, gas lines, sewer lines, and even pipes down to two inches in diameter! Since our processes work in any setting, we can deliver helpful results in any situation.

With a team of dedicated, cross-discipline workers, we can provide the solution to any of your pipe problems. Our attention to detail and commitment to excellent service allows us to respond quickly to a pipe emergency. From there, our team analyzes how we can solve it through trenchless pipe repair. Check out our case studies and see how our process works in action! Or reach out now for a no-obligation quote!