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In the U.S., the second highest insurance claim filed is water damage due to burst pipes. Just because you file the claim with the insurance does not mean you will get reimbursed. Insurance companies are picky because they are about profits rather than being nice and caring.

Avoid dealing with the insurance company by preparing plumbing for winter. In this simple, short guide, preventing plumbing damage is easy. Keep reading for the details.

Plumbing Winterization Checklist

To begin here is an easy checklist to follow. These are DIY tasks.

  • Turn your outdoor faucets off
  • Store your garden hoses
  • Clean out gutters and drains
  • Insulate exposed pipes
  • Inspect the water heater and its pressure relief valve
  • Scan for drips and leaks

Once you can check these regular plumbing maintenance items off your list, you can move on to more advanced tactics. Keep in mind that early prevention is key to saving money on problems that become much more expensive later.

Open Faucets a Bit

If you expect extremely cold weather, it helps to let the water trickle through your faucets. Are you wasting water? Well, yes, you are wasting water, but this is how you can relieve pressure so that any potential standing water in the pipes does not freeze.

A little water wasted prevents a massive repair bill later.

Open Cabinets Under the Sinks

If you have cabinets under the kitchen sink or vanity doors in the bathroom, leave them open. This helps to let warm air flow in and circulate. On days that are extremely cold, you could point a portable heater toward the inside of a cabinet.

Check for Drafts

When you feel a windy day, this is a good time to check for drafts. You want to focus on areas where uninsulated pipes are located. A particular location to check would be where cables, wires, and pipes enter the home.

If you feel a draft here, you can prevent cold air from coming in with expandable foam.

Locate Bulging Sections of Pipes

Protecting outside plumbing means inspecting exposed pipes for bulges. If water froze there before and pushed the pipe, you will see bulges. This is dangerously close to bursting, so if it did not burst, consider yourself lucky!

However, this year will probably be the year it bursts, so reach out to an expert for help.

Leaving for Vacation? Leave the Furnace On

When you are not home, you may want to save money and stop the furnace, but this is a bad idea. You don’t need it running high, but if you shut it off completely, your plumbing will suffer, and you could have a major cost or repair on your hands.

Preparing Plumbing for Winter

If you take care of your residential plumbing system with simple regular plumbing maintenance, you will prevent a big bill from a big problem. Preparing plumbing for winter early, before the weather gets super cold, is key.

Should you need a repair, look no further than Advantage Reline. We are the leader in trenchless pipe repair. Together, we can ensure you are ready for below-zero days.

Contact Advantage Reline today.


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